Art Gallery

Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts

727 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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Phone: (323) 309-2875

Petra Wright Director

Tues-Fri, 12-7pm; Sat-Sun, 12-5pm; Evenings and weekends by appointment.


GDCA has access to a diverse body of works that include painting, sculpture, graphics, original prints, and photography.


We work with many artists. The artwork on this website represents only a fraction of the collections we carry in our gallery.


If you are searching for a particular artist, style or piece, please contact us and we can help you.


Mark Brosmer, Michele Castagnetti, Carol Cirillo Stanley, Ty Joseph, Cody York, Susanne Belcher, Karen Hansen, Dina Herrmann, Kathe Madrigal, Jason Ruscio, Siri France, Enid Nilsson, Crystal Michaelson, Daniel Diaz-Tai, Michael Moon, Tanya Ragir, Robert Toll, Elizabeth Decker, Melissa Meier, Andrew Eyler, Bill Sherwood, Linda Sterling, Ralph Bakshi, Recent Developments, LLC, Angelique Antoniou.


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