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1114 Garfield Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91030

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The Chouinard Foundation was founded in 1999 by Bob Perine and Dave Tourjé, after Tourjé purchased the home of Nelbert Chouinard – the founder of the original Chouinard School of Art in 1921. Shortly after this, many joined the Advisory Board including the current Board of Advisors and Directors Sam Clayberger, Lou Paleno, Chuck Swenson, Doris Kouyias, John Van Hamersveld and Gary Wong. From it’s inception, the Chouinard Foundation’s purpose was to illuminate the legacy of Chouinard and bring it to public consciousness, whether by mounting major Museum shows, starting an art school, partnering with the City of LA or presenting a feature-length documentary film. Prior to this effort, though one of the most prodigious in history, Chouinard‘s legacy was nearly forgotten. This website documents the history and these efforts, providing a forum for the legacy to continue by allowing those that went there to post their recollections of one of the truly great art schools in history – a major piece of the cultural fabric of Los Angeles and beyond.


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