Community Gallery

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center

8371 North Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Email: Email venue
Phone: (503) 286-9449
Fax: (503) 922-1824

Blake Shell Gallery Manager

Friday - Sunday, 12-5pm, & by appointment.

Admission Price:
Exhibitions free / performances vary


Dedicated to Contemporary Art, Disjecta builds ambitious programs that promote artists and engage communities.
Disjecta aspires to present forward-thinking work from visual and performing artists. Disjecta will create a professional platform in which artists can realize their best work and engage new audiences. Dynamic programs will present new work or new interpretations, fueling collaborations between artists, curators, and viewers that impact today’s international arts dialogue. Disjecta will expect equal rigor from local and national artists, recognizing and supporting the talent of the region.

(dis-jek-'tuh) n. Latin. 1. Scattered
remains or fragments. 2. Informal.
The mistakes, false starts, unintended
results and __________ that are cut
away when creating work. Disjecta
celebrates the creative process.


“Structures and Feelings”
Disjecta Contemporary, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by Richard Speer

Past Editorial

“Structures and Feelings”
“The Book of Scores”
“Intimate Horizons”
Marne Lucas and Jacob Pander
Chris Fraser
Peter Halley
Jenene Nagy
Anne Fidler


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