Art Gallery

FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery

618 Paseo de Peralta, Suite B
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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Phone: (575) 751-4278

Gregory Farah Gallery Director

Monday - Sunday, 10am-7pm


Between Taos Plaza & Taos Pueblo in time space and place is a 4000 sq ft Gallery specializing in Contemporary North American Indigenous inspired arts. FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery is housed in a mud mansion in the Taos Historic District. Featured artists include Legendary Classic Contemporary Native American arts. Also on revolving featured exhibition will be newer contemporary works of American Indigenous art, as well as North American inspired petroglyph art, First Nation Folk Art, jewelry, pottery, carvings, textiles, etc.

Current Featured artists include; Joe Mueller, Elton Manygoats, Randy Barton, JayCee Beyale, Gregg Deal, petroglyph inspired metal sculptures by Lay Powell, mural panel and print works by David Vedoe and Promo-Hobo Art, Paintings by Jason R Barnes, Jill Sanger, Joseph Riggs, Carlos Sandoval, Betsy Kuhn, Marilyn G. Garr. Sculpture and glass works by Adrian Wall, bone dolls by Peter Bonesteel, carvings by Paul Dancebow, Taos Pueblo Drums and watercolors by Bobby Bales along with bronze works by Huberto Maestas.

FaraHNHeight Fine Art's Legends Collection of Fritz Scholder, Paul Pletka, Clef Beck, Armond Lara, Frank Howell, Earl Biss, R.C Gorman, Sari Staggs, Larry Fodor, Dolona Roberts, Paul Jones, Rance Hood and many others will also be on prominent display.

Centrally located between Taos Plaza and the south entrance to Taos Pueblo UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Approximately one block north of the Taos Art Museum and Fechin House and an 18 minute walk North from Taos Plaza.


  • Bobby Bales
  • Randy Barton 
  • Clifford Beck 
  • Jaycee Beyale
  • Earl Biss 
  • Nani Chacon
  • Gregg Deal
  • Kylie Errett
  • Larry Fodor
  • R.C Gorman
  • Frank Howell
  • Betsy Kuhn 
  • Armond Lara
  • Elton Manygoats 
  • Joe Mueller
  • Paul Pletka 
  • Lay Powell
  • Joseph Riggs
  • Dolona Roberts
  • Carlos Sandoval 
  • Sari Staggs 
  • Fritz Schollder 
  • Jill Sanger
  • David Vedoe
  • Leandra Yazzie
  • Margert Carson 
  • Pubalo Milan  


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