The word "HOME" resonates on cultural, emotional, intellectual, religious, philosophical, political and spiritual levels-as a place, a space, a myth, a source of identity, a promised land, a state of being, a war zone, an impossibility, and/or an inalienable right.

This simple word is open to a wide variety of interpretations. HOME can connote security, belonging, memory, and comfort, or arouse feelings of dread, alienation, and pain. HOME informs and is informed by geography and history, identities and ideologies, imagined and lived experiences.

Artworks may explore what it means to create a HOME or to be without a HOME, what happens when we leave HOME and arrive in a new place, or how relationships with culture, history, emotion, intellect, religion, philosophy, politics, and spirituality affect the idea of HOME.

Exhibiting Artists

Orly Aviv
Sonia Barrett
Pat Berger
Victoria Chapman
Michael Chomick
Valerie Colston
Rodney Daut
Cheryl Derricotte
James Doyle
Malcolm Easton
Daniel Evans
Michael Falzone
Catherine Forster
Judy Gardner
Jeff Gillette
Bruce Gundersenn
Ting Ying Han
Victoria Heilweil
Doug Herbilla
Stacey Herzing
David Hollen
Patricia Houghton Clarke
Joe Johnson
Allyson Klutenkamper
Kerry Kolenut
Nadia Kusmajadi
Eric Landes
Dominic Lippillo
Anthony Lazorko
Tiffany Ma
Tony Maher
Stuart McCall
Allyson McCandless
Rocky McCorkle
Dan McCormack
Jim McKinniss
Doris Mitsch
Jon Ng
Vann Nguyen
Roget Nguyen
Brad Pettigrew
Zoe Phillips
Nicholas Potter
Robin Repp
Michael Rohde
Michael Allyn Roy
Edward L. Rubin
Stephanie J. Ryan
Vinothini Sachithananthan
Emilia Sadeghi
Tamsin Salehian
Mark Schoon
Jane Szabo
Cynthia Velasquez
Rich Wang
Allison Watkins
Jerry Weems
Denise Weyhrich
Patrick Whitaker

Curated by Richard Turner

Artist/curator Richard Turner is a Professor Emeritus at Chapman University where he taught contemporary Asian art history and studio art. He lived in Saigon, Vietnam from 1959 - 1961. He studied Chinese painting and language in Taipei, Taiwan in 1963 - 1964 and Indian miniature painting in Jaipur, Rajasthan in 1967 - 1968 while on a Fulbright scholarship. As Director of Chapman University's Guggenheim Gallery from 1975 - 2011, he curated over seventy exhibitions including several that examined the art and issues of Asian American communities in California and the contemporary art of Asia. His most recent curatorial project, Facing West / Looking East for the Oceanside Museum of Art, featured works by 20 artists who shared a common interest in borrowing, recycling and sampling from the cultures of Asia for their content and commentary. His current studio work is sculpture and drawing based on his interest in Chinese scholars rocks.